My story

  1. Attending Children's Computer Academy

    I have been interested in computers and software since I was a child.

    My first computer was an Amiga 500 with Workbench OS. Later I switched to a PC with an Intel Pentium 100 MHz processor and Windows 3.11, then Windows 95.

    In parallel with elementary school education, I eagerly learned how to use a computer as a 10-year-old, attending the Children's Computer Academy.

    Index from the Children's Computer Academy with A grade for operating Windows 95
  2. Learning HTML and PHP

    Regularly reading the CD-Action computer magazine, I came across it to the introductory section of HTML and PHP.

    I didn't have internet at home, so I learned to create my first websites only locally, copying code from a magazine.

    The code editor was Windows Notepad, which wasn't making learning easier, just like the most popular browser at the time - Internet Explorer (version 5).

    HTML course in CD-Action magazine
  3. Distribution of advertising newspapers

    My first earning experience was distributing advertising newspapers.

    I received packages of advertising newspapers from multi-branch chain stores, which I then packed in disposable plastic bags and hung them on door handles in blocks of flats and on gates of single-family houses.

    I was going to junior high school then, and earning money that way was nice pocket money.

  4. LAN network administration

    With a few friends from the block, we set up a local computer network.

    I took over the setup and operation of the router by administering the network to which everyone was connected.

    That was also the beginning of my adventure with security and "hacking".

    Under the guise of network problems with one of my colleagues (having previously unplugged his cable from the router), I visited him and, as part of diagnosing the problem, activated remote access on his system.

    I also had to watch out for files uploaded by others, because very often they were Trojans.

    Using LANChat also taught me that private chats are not really private when the messenger sends messages over the network in unencrypted form.

  5. Running the first website

    My first website was devoted to my then hobbies, i.e. skateboarding and fingerboarding (a miniature version).

    On the website, I posted instructions for creating my own, original version of the fingerboard and described how to perform tricks, including self-made 3D animations.

    I learned 3D graphics program (Caligari trueSpace) similarly to HTML and PHP - thanks to CD-Action magazine.

    To publish the website, I used free hosting offered by Wirtualna Polska - Webpark.

    The disk space was "dizzying" and amounted to several MB.

    From the technical side, it was a classic, i.e. HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

    The website contained dynamic elements such as a clock showing the current time or the ability to sign in the guest book. There was also an option to complete a survey through which I collected feedback from users.

    The graphic design style I would now call "dark mode". However, this was long before the term became fashionable.

    In retrospect, I can see that I have always had a desire to share knowledge, and the Internet turned out to be the perfect medium.

    Screenshot from a website dedicated to fingerboards
  6. Studied at Steinmetz High School in Chicago

    After graduating from a junior high school in Poland, I started the next stage of my education in Chicago, USA.

    Walking into school was like checking in at the airport. Each backpack was scanned on a tape that passed through an X-ray machine, and each student passed through a metal-detection gate.

    Learning the subjects was a big challenge. Biology, math, geography, etc., were all taught in English, which I wasn't very fluent at the time.

    Adrian Bienias in front of Steinmetz College Prep in Chicago
  7. Working on a construction site in Chicago

    For a short period I tried my hand at construction.

    At work, I learned terms like two-by-four or two-by-six to describe the cross-sections of rectangular timber (wood planks) used to build most American homes.

    For example, two-by-four meant 2 inches by 4 inches rectangular timber.

    Thus, I learned to efficiently use imperial units of measurement, measuring the appropriate lengths of boards, which I then cut.

    I also learned how to use a nail gun.

  8. Working at a grocery store in Chicago

    Slicing meat and cheese by weight, serving salads to customers, cleaning up after the end of the shift. This was more or less my next job.

    One day, one of my co-workers didn't turn off the slicer after he had finished slicing. When I wanted to use it, it cut off a piece of my finger.

    I then resigned from further work there.

  9. 4-time winner of the typing competition on the keyboard

    After returning to Poland, I started studying at a hotel technical school. It was a mistake. I would certainly use this time better by attending an IT technical school.

    My grades in most subjects were poor and I didn't apply myself to study. The exception was computer science, in which I had an excellent grade on my final certificate.

    In addition, for 4 years of studying at a technical school, every year I took part in a school typing competition, consistently taking 1st place in it. In this way, I won useful computer equipment: a wireless mouse, a webcam or a flash drive.

    Diploma for Adrian Bienias for taking 1st place in the 3rd school competition of fast and correct typing on the keyboard
    Diploma for Adrian Bienias for taking 1st place in the 4rd school competition of fast and correct typing on the keyboard
    Diploma for Adrian Bienias for taking 1st place in the 5th school competition of fast and correct typing on the keyboard
    Diploma for Adrian Bienias for taking 1st place in the 6th school competition of fast and correct typing on the keyboard
  10. Protecting mass events

    While studying at a technical school, I additionally worked as security at mass events, mainly soccer matches.

    It wasn't a very progressive job, but somehow it was related to practicing martial arts and spending time with colleagues with whom I was working at the same time.

    Adrian Bienias's certificate of training for members of security services
  11. Maintaining the website of the Shidōkan section

    While training Shidōkan, I ran the section's website at the same time.

    At that time, I did not know any CMS yet, so I updated the content by directly editing changes in files.

    Screenshot of the website of the Kielce Shidokan karate club
  12. Winning a silver medal in a martial arts competition

    I took second place, winning the silver medal, but unfortunately it was nothing to be proud of.

    There was only one competitor in my weight class besides me. So I only had one fight... which I lost, taking second place at the same time.

    Fighters of a combat sports tournament sitting in a row on a mat
    Commemorative photo of players with medals
  13. Acquiring a driving license for cars

    Learning with the driving instructor went smoothly and I was well prepared for the exam.

    However, the practical exam itself, i.e. the situation in which I was assessed during the performance of tasks, paralyzed my abilities.

    Nevertheless, I passed the exam on the first try, although already at the first intersection, the car died twice when I was about to drive.

  14. Studying at the Wrocław University of Applied Information Technology

    After graduating from high school and passing my final exams, I went to Wrocław.

    I started my studies in the field of "Computer Graphics".

    However, quite quickly, after the 1st semester, I resigned from further studies. I saw no value in gaining knowledge this way.

    I learned much more effectively on my own, using courses, books or online tutorials.

    I developed my skills in the field of computer graphics and web development, following the ever-growing curiosity in these areas.

  15. Work at the Media Markt store in Wrocław

    As an advisor in the computer department, I was helping clients choose equipment and diagnosed complaint defects.

    In the meantime, I focused on personal development.

    I was interested in, for example, speed reading and mnemonics.

    With the help of picture stories, I memorized product numbers from price lists to check, at the customer's request, whether additional pieces of a given product were available in stock.

    For example, 12345 for me is a lit candle (1) with wax dripping down the head of a swan (2) that is tattooed on the breasts of (3) a girl sunbathing on a sailboat (4) who has a hook (5) from a fishing rod stuck in by the caught fisherman.

  16. Participation in workshops on setting up and running a business

    Interested in the aspects of running a business, I took part in workshops focusing on issues related to starting and running a business.

    Certificate confirming Adrian Bienias' participation in workshops on running your own business
  17. Running a cleaning service

    I started a cleaning business.

    I designed and implemented the entire business from A to Z.

    Conducting recruitment interviews in person was one of the most difficult challenges in terms of "getting out of the comfort zone".

    I created an informative website, designed leaflets, which I later distributed around homes.

    I commissioned a commercial to be recorded and aired on a local radio station.

    In the end, I managed to acquire only two clients and after a few months I closed the company.

    I had no idea about this industry and felt no desire to explore it further.

    However, I noticed that I was very involved in creating graphics, advertising materials, and a website.

    Screenshot of the "Chicago" cleaning service website
  18. Provision of services related to sales on Allegro

    At that time, Allegro made it possible to place HTML code on auctions. So I started creating and selling Allegro auction templates.

    These were individual projects, but also mass equivalents in the form of ready-made templates that customers could choose from my catalog.

    In addition, I created a template generator in PHP, to which I sold access in the Saas model.

    Getting to know SOAP WebAPI, which was made available by Allegro, I also offered an automatic after-sales service, configuration of actions such as sending a message after the payment was booked, e.g. after buying a top-up code.

    Finally, I sold the website together with the created software.

    Screenshot of the "easyallegro" website
    Allegro template for sale of bathroom fittings
    Screenshot of the allegro template generation tool
  19. Day trading at Wucash Capital

    A friend encouraged me to work in the company where he worked as a day trader, i.e. a broker performing buy/sell operations on stock exchanges within a single day (short-term speculation).

    So I started trading stocks on US stock exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ) using the Sterling software.

    Despite the good results achieved for several months of work (generating commissions on profits that I could live on), I finally ended my adventure with day trading when the company's branch in Kielce, where I lived at the time, was closed.

  20. Running a Christmas tree sales point

    I got involved in running a Christmas tree sales point.

    The point was operating on a franchise basis. My task was to receive the goods, unload them, set them up on the square and sell them.

    I was financially responsible for the received goods, so I decided to hire someone to guard the square at night, using a caravan.

    Adrian Bienias in working clothes and a Santa hat with a pruning shears against the background of Christmas trees
  21. Winning in a banking competition

    The bank (Dominet) where I had an account was taken over by another (Fortis/BNP Paribas).

    On this occasion, a competition was announced in which the fusion had to be presented in an artistic way.

    I decided to write a poem... which the jury liked so much that I became the winner of the competition, winning a trip to Paris.

    Poem "About the Bank"
    Adrian Bienias in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower
  22. Interior designer assistant at Manhattan Design

    For the previous years, I developed my computer graphics skills also with the use of 3D graphics programs.

    I was able to create visualizations based on technical drawings of apartments, houses or vehicles.

    I decided to look for a job in the interior design industry.

    I had no education in this field. I only had the skills I had previously acquired on my own in my spare time.

    Personal delivery of my CV with the address of the website where I posted the portfolio of my three-dimensional visualizations brought results and I was employed in one of Kielce's companies.

    3D visualization of the bathroom
    3D visualization of the living room
    3D visualization of the house
    3D visualization of the living room
  23. Training at the Jung factory in Dortmund

    The interior design company where I worked was establishing cooperation with a manufacturer involved in electrical installations.

    I took part in a training at the Jung factory in Germany, introducing the applications and the production process of products related to electricity.

    Adrian Bienias in front of the Jung factory in Dortmund
    Adrian Bienias in front of the welcome screen at the Jung factory
  24. Acquiring a driving license for motorcycles

    Fascinated by motorcycles, I got the coveted motorcycle driver license.

    By buying a motorcycle, I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams.

    Adrian Bienias on a Yamaha R6 motorcycle
    Adrian Bienias on a Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle
    Thumbnail of a YouTube video with a view of the road from the motorcycle rider's perspective
  25. Participation in an MMA seminar

    Actively training and looking for development opportunities, I took part in a practical seminar conducted by a well-known Polish MMA fighter, Tomasz Drwal, competing in the UFC and KSW.

    A commemorative photo of Adrian Bienias with Tomasz Drwal
  26. Freelancing

    I made 3D visualizations, working with, among others, MaxiPizza.

    I made three-dimensional technical models of the PKP traction network for Strunobet.

    I worked with an advertising agency, creating websites.

    I created WordPress templates, e.g. for Mr. Vintage and online stores, e.g. for the sale of dental equipment.

    Finally, I completely focused on web development, resigning from further development of my skills in the field of 3D graphics.

    Visualization of the MaxiPizza restaurant in Warsaw
    3D CAD drawing of the drive rod guide of the PKP traction disconnector
    Screenshot from the bluesuit website
    Screenshot of an online store with dental products
  27. Running a website with video courses

    While creating websites, I decided to start teaching others this profession.

    Initially, I provided access to video courses in a slightly modified version of Joomla CMS.

    Over time, I decided to create my own solution, a platform with courses, which I launched under the Kuvi brand.

    Inspired by the Udemy, I also made it possible to sell courses to other authors on my website.

    I finally sold the site.

    Screenshot from the website
  28. Skydiving training

    I received a parachute jumper qualification certificate, entitling me to perform independent jumps.

    On the practical exam, however, I had a lot of problems and I passed the exam only on the second attempt.

    Just like during the driving test, I was paralyzed by stress.

    In the air, relaxation and a freely falling silhouette are important.

    The awareness of doing something for the grade unfortunately affected my ability to perform exam tasks in the air.

    So far, I have made over 110 independent skydives in total.

    YouTube video thumbnail
    YouTube video thumbnail
    YouTube video thumbnail
  29. Teaching IT lessons in a technical high school

    The educational materials I created turned out to be helpful also in schools.

    One of the IT teachers, who recommended my materials to his students, additionally invited me to teach a lesson in an IT technical school.

    YouTube video thumbnail
  30. Speaker at EduCamp in Kielce

    I appeared as one of the speakers at an event organized under the name of EduCamp.

    YouTube video thumbnail
  31. Speaker at TechKlub Kielce

    I introduced the participants to my approach to blogging and running a business based on the provision of educational services.

    YouTube video thumbnail
  32. Moving to Asia

    Taking advantage of the possibility of 100% remote work as a creator of video courses, I decided to move to Asia.

    I spent the first month in the Philippines, staying with Poles running the Ucieczka Do Raju project.

    However, I was more drawn to living in a big city than on a small paradise island, so after a month I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    I rented an apartment there in an apartment building with a swimming pool and set up an office in it.

    The tourist visa allowed me to stay for 3 months from entering Malaysia, so I was visiting the surrounding countries - Thailand and Singapore - to extend my visa for the next quarters.

    Finally, I lived in Asia for almost a year, experiencing the pros and cons of remote work before it became ubiquitous in IT.

    Adrian Bienias on the beach in front of the boats in Thailand
    Adrian Bienias diving in a swimming pool in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Adrian Bienias outside the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore
    Adrian Bienias standing at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  33. Participation in Startup Weekend Kielce #2 (powered by Google)

    I took part in a 3-day event as a developer, joining the team implementing a business idea in the form of a hackathon.

    Gadgets from participation in the Startup Weekend Kielce #2 event
    YouTube video thumbnail
  34. Speaker at the Student Forum Business Center Club in Poznań

    I appeared as a speaker, sharing my experience of running a business based on creating video courses.

    Adrian Bienias during a presentation in the hall
    YouTube video thumbnail
  35. Participation in the Brian Tracy congress in Krakow

    Wanting to develop my business skills, I took part in the congress of one of the great American sales trainers - Brian Tracy.

    Certificate for Adrian Bienias confirming participation in the congress with Brian Tracy
    Pin from the "Maximum Achievement" convention with Brian Tracy
  36. Speaker at Meet.js in Kielce

    I spoke at a meeting of the JavaScript community, putting together two tools for performing HTTP queries - Fetch and Axios.

    Graphic of Adrian Bienias as a speaker of the Meet.js event
  37. Work at Atlassian in Gdańsk

    Looking for challenges and development in the IT industry, I found a job at Atlassian.

    I was hired as a Software Engineer with a frontend specialization, where I worked for 2 years, moving to Gdańsk at the same time.

    Adrian Bienias sitting in front of a computer in Atlassian's Gdańsk office
    List of people involved in the development of Jira software with Adrian Bienias underlined
  38. Participation in public speaking workshops

    Wanting to develop my public speaking skills, I took part in practical workshops.

    YouTube video thumbnail
  39. Training "Attacking and Protecting Web Applications"

    Developing in the field of web development, I took part in a training organized by the Niebezpiecznik.

    Certificate for Adrian Bienias confirming the training "Attacking and Protecting Web Applications" conducted by
  40. Windsurfing training

    I learned to sail on a windsurfing board, learning the basics of using a sail drive.

    Adrian Bienias on a windsurfing board
  41. Distinction as a meritorious honorary blood donor of the 3rd degree

    After several years of more or less regular blood donations, I received the badge of a meritorious honorary blood donor of the 3rd degree (I donated over 6 liters of blood).

    ID card of Adrian Bienias, a distinguished honorary blood donor
  42. Launch of the Codisity website

    I decided to try my hand at the education business again by creating a new training platform Codisity (short for Coding University).

    However, I noticed a problem that had not affected me before.

    The amount of knowledge and experience in the field of web development that I gathered was much greater than before, when I originally started my adventure with web development courses.

    Thus, the topics that interested me, in which I wanted to develop, became more and more specialized and less interesting for a wider audience.

    So I started thinking about returning to a full-time job, which would allow me to further develop my web development skills.

  43. Participation in the Hot Hatch Cup at the Silesia Ring track in Poznań

    For a long time I have been interested in sim racing, racing in simulation-type games, i.e. games that imitate the behavior of cars in the physical world as faithfully as possible.

    When the opportunity arose to check how sim racing actually translates into real driving on the track, I decided to take part.

    My best lap time on the Silesia Ring track in Poznań was 1.57.930 in the Hyundai i30 N car.

    With zero previous track experience, I was very happy with the result.

    List of lap times of Adrian Bienias on the Silesia Ring track
    Adrian Bienias in the Hyundai i30n car on the Silesia Ring track
    YouTube video thumbnail
  44. Creation of the series "100 JavaScript Bugs"

    I launched a project - a free JavaScript email course in the form of 100 lessons sent daily with an example of a hidden error in the JavaScript code.

    The 100 JavaScript Bugs project has been very well received by the participants and I receive many positive comments about it.

    JavaScript logo with worms around
  45. Publication of open source OSEMS software

    Looking to optimize the cost of sending newsletters, I created my own OSEMS tool for email marketing and made it available under the MIT license in the form of open source code.

  46. Cooperation with N-iX

    As a Senior React Developer, I started working with N-iX, providing software engineering services for their client, a well-known Spanish clothing holding company.